Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Q&A with Phil Lumbang

Phil Lumbang’s Awesome Bears campaign is all about keepin’ it “Hug Life”. The theme of happiness and being positive is contagious to all his fans and even REAL BEARS! We had the opportunity recently to ask Mr. Awesome Bear himself a few questions, as well as fill out a madlib!
All images courtesy of Phil Lumbang.

1. Tell us a funny story/memory of “Little” Phil, growing up in Sacramento? 

Haha, too many to choose from, but on of the more note worthy stories I have is when me and the crew I called our selves “Cone Bandits” and we use to drive around stealing cones for no reason at all. And one day my mom found like 20 cones stacked up on the side of the house... needless to say she had a lot of questions for me that I didn’t have the answers to. AH, to be young and dumb again.

2. What is something most people wouldn’t know about you? (Example: you played the clarinet in your middle school marching band… and was straight killin’ it!)

I played World of Warcarft for 7 years... under the pseudonym Gridlock, I was Troll restoration shaman and the top healer of my guild, I’d set aside maybe 5-6-7 hours a day Raiding dungeons and questing dallies. I had top tier gear and was just reallllly into it. Needless to say, I just don’t have time for that kind of stuff anymore

3. What was your first thought when you landed an internship working with Shepard Fairey? 

HOLY FUCKING SHIT... I MADE IT... haha, pretty much.

4. Who are some up and coming artists that you admire and we should look out for? 

Ernesto Yerena, for sure he just got a 7 page spread in the political issue of Juxtapoze and hes a really good friend of mine. We totally ran together, we meet in college and totally had a competitive thing going, but through that we grew a strong friendship and ended up working with him at the studio with Shep. But yea hes on that revolutionary tip so be on the look out!

5. With your campaign of constantly putting out good vibes, was there ever a time in your life you had to get gangsta on somebody? 

I try and stay passive, I rather catch flies with honey you know? But one time I had to throw down on this really thizzed out dude in a fast food joint on hollywood blvd. he threw a cup of water at me after I commented on how “smacked” he look... then it went out side... and needless to say I had to throw bows, the funny thing was his friends didn’t do anything because they new what he had done was fucked.

 6. So have you ever actually been fined or arrested for bombing? 

I’m glad to report I have never been booked for painting out on the street. Its only because I’m smart and never paint on any thing permanent , like boarded up windows, no harm no foul.

7. If you were forced to use a street name alias, what would you consider using?

Bear One... “something-one” seems to be the standard haha.

8. What was your most prized possession at age 10? What is it now? 

At 10? It would have to be my GameBoy, I took that dude EVERYWHERE, I pretty much had every reiteration of the GameBoy since, except for the 3DS. Now? It would have to be my desktop computer, my life line pretty much, without it working would have to get a lot more analog. I guess you can say I love gadgets.

9. Your next show is titled “The Brand New Adventures of Awesome Bear!” at My Plastic Heart Gallery in New York. What can we expect from this show and what was the idea behind it?

You can expect a mix-match of a bunch of different mediums that I use, It’s really hard for me to stick to a central theme, so I like so people that yea, I have this character, but I can paint him many different ways.

10. Being your first show in NY, will we be seeing Awesome Bears popping up around the 5 boroughs? Where will you be heading next?

 I’ll tell you what, having a cub of my own changes things, I can nether confirm or deny that any new pieces will go up.

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