Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Karakasa Obake - Tattoo Man

We've been debating if we should post an article about this.  It has to be a "badass" or a pretty damn cool toy.  If you don't know about the Karakasa Obake, you can read up on Wikipedia or find some videos on YouTube.  It's too cool for you to play with, so don''t call it a toy.  This vinyl piece is designed by Hiroshi of Three Tides Tattoo in Japan.  And is being produced by Secret Base of Japan, and Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. 

This will run you about a hundred bucks at TAG.  It's about 7.5 inches tall and comes in a clear container.  For 20 bucks more, you can get a limited edition print with it.  It's hard to tell if this will be a limited production.  So far it seems like it.  Not too many in stock and it's only one per person.

via TAG and Secret Base

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