Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keith Haring @ Brooklyn Museum

When I first saw Keith Haring's piece, I didn't understand it.  I was thinking, what's up with the simple lines and figures?  At a glance, Haring's work could pass for kids art, or even a caveman drawing. Stepping back and looking at it now, it's a lot deeper with meaning and character. 

We got to the ticket counter 10-minutes before the event started, and the cashier said the event was sold out!  Lucky enough, we got tickets beforehand. The discussion panel was great.  It included a diverse cast of artists.  We were mainly there to hear Haze.  He was a buddy of Haring's and also a graffiti artist.  The room was entirely full.  Some people were standing on the outside listening in.  I am surprised they didn't host this in the theater.  It would have been nice to have a little extra space along with additional attendees present. 

The Panel: John Ahearn, Eric Haze, Martin, and Robert Farris Thompson.

John Ahearn and Haze

Martin Irvine's slide show.  I believe these two are Martin's favorites.

Subway Chalk Art.  The Brooklyn Museum has an entire room dedicated to Haring's chalk art.

Tricia Laughlin Bloom (Project Curator) gives us a tour.  2/3 of the exhibit is from the Keith Haring Foundation.  This exhibit will be touring throughout the United States.  Brooklyn, is only the third stop.

Who knew Keith did abstract art?

Keith Haring, designed his own hand-outs.

Extra long piece...

The Penis Collection

Polaroids from 1979

Keith use to hand out button's.  I have a button on my bag that looks like it's from him, but I can't verify if it is authentic or not.

Museum - brooklynmuseum.org
Keith Haring's Pop Shop - http://www.pop-shop.com/
Reference: Alechinsky

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