Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flying Fortress - The One Man Army

Last night was opening day to cool street art.  It started off a bit slow, but people kept rolling in throughout the night.  This was not your typical opening where people are just hanging out with friends for a free drink.  There was a lot of conversation going on about which one they liked and what was cool.  The limited edition prints have a great price point with a low print run.  You could see twinkles out of the spectators eyes.  Who doesn't love the iconic look of the troopers?

This is the perfect Brooklyn trooper.  It has a little Spike Lee flavor to it.

The walls are covered with a great selection.

Yellow Troopers.  One of a Kind Series, Spray Paint and Marker on Paper.  Only $120 each.

They look like stencils, but it's noted as acrylic and spray paint with marker on paper.  Got $400 to shed?

Bode Series, Acrylic on Canvas, 15.5"x19.5" - $550 a piece

The dark side.

Limited Edition silk screen prints.  Only 25 of each, and only $60 each.  19"x25"

We need this in our office.

Like this one of a kind jacket?  This customized jacket will put you out of 900 bones.

A limited edition print on 1xRun will run you $75, but this AP edition will cost you $90.

Here is another Artist Proof edition for $90.  Not sure how many AP's are out there.

The Fat Cap Vampire Bat Series - Bomb, Leer, Blood.  Only 120 a pop.

Mister Flying Fortress himself signing someones black book.

Enter and Exit through the Mighty Tanka!

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