Sunday, March 18, 2012

OBLVN at Klughaus

100 Paintings

This is my favorite piece.  I've been watching Dennis the Menace since I was a kid.  Dennis, and the Problem Child are annoyingly funny.  OLVN needs to make a piece with Mr. Wilson.

Felix the Lucky Cat.

A thief stealing a KAWS original print from the office halls of Marc Ecko.
Here is the story behind this artwork: 
On August 11, 2011, a thief signed in as Nat Heller, entered the Complex Magazine offices, owned by Marc Ecko.  He grabbed the frame from the hallway, around 6:00pm, and brought it to the restroom.  The thief smashed the glass, and rolled the print into a long tube.  The elevator surveillance camera snapped a picture of him standing with a hoodie and sunglasses.  It looked like he had a fake mustache but is confirmed real.  The burglar is said to be Enno ‘LEWY’ Tianen.  Word says he hasn't been caught yet.  Mr. Ecko, denies that it was publicity stunt and has a good feeling who it could have taken it.


All the favorites are sold.  It's all good to show up previewing day.

Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe St
New York, NY
(Exhibit ends April 1, 2012)

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